Modern Teenage Bedroom Layouts - Kamar Tidur Modern


If you have a small size room and you are thinking of the right fitting layout for it, then this will be the answer for all your questions. These rooms are so modern and simple to have for your teenager kids, and despite that it is small it will also give the room some space. With these rooms it doesn’t matter if you have a son or a daughter. Why? Because every room has been simply designed and covered with the right colors for each. As you can see in one of the rooms violet color has been surrounded everywhere with a cute vertical wall painting. Also the perfect design of the furniture as the Bunk bed with the violet pillows everywhere on it, the dresser and the drawers that has been built- in it with a perfect design , the desk with the shelves above it , the art painting above the bed , the horizontal blinds , the rug and the recessed light in the ceiling .

They actually have an awesome quality of paying attention to the room details. Also as you can see in another room they choose the blue color this time so they could surround the room with it and of course the perfect choice of the details like the bed with another bed that you can pull from under it with the pillows everywhere on it, the half and half choice of wall painting as they choose to paint on vertically and leave the other one with the same color, the built in desk with the beautiful art painting above the desk , the shelves that also attached to everything with the most amazing design so it would be easy to organize the books and toys, the transparent white blinds on the window and the rug. They actually made the whole set so it could fit every taste. So this is the right room for your teenagers.


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